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Let us equip your ministry

We have talented web, design, social media, and
technical resources to enhance your ministry.
We want to join your mission!

Quality Design

For the best message.

Reliable Service

Help is just a click or call away.


Strong Security

We keep the bad bugs out!

Common Goal

Sharing the Good News of Jesus!


Ichthus Digital offers a variety of web services that can be customized to fulfill your ministries needs, including web hosting, design, licensing, content management, social media, email services, and so much more. Our goal is to equip you to fulfill your digital ministry.

Website Projects Include

  • Installing WordPress content management system
  • Purchasing theme and functional plugin licenses
  • Purchasing and editing high quality stock photos or congregation photos
  • Customizing colors, background and images based on WordPress template
  • Assisting with adding content and all the technical complexities
  • E-Commerce setup, online payments and donations

    Maintenance & Technical Support

    • Daily backups, regular security updates, upgrades to WordPress/plugins, malware scanning and web application firewall protection
    • Assistance with technical issues, restore broken, lost website resources
      Yearly renewal of licenses and registration for your domain name
    • Uptime monitoring and fast response to unresponsive alerts
    • Know and trust¬†who operates the website and support improving digital experiences and reach for Lord’s Kingdom

    Social & Digital Media Strategy

    • Schedule, optimize and publish content on website and social
    • Provide edits to e-commerce and website content
    • Maintain active digital media strategy
    • Google ads that are customized for your target audience and design compelling landing pages to create conversion on your website.


    Additional Features

    • Secured Member System
    • Email Newsletter & Bulk Sending Service
    • Online Bible Study Builder
    • Logo and branding creation
    • App design and development

    Let's talk digital about your ministry!


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