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Let us equip your ministry

We have countless web, design and technical resources to enhance your ministry. We want to join your mission!

Quality Design

For the best message.

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Strong Security

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Common Goal

Sharing the Good News of Jesus!


Ichthus Digital offers a variety of web services that can be customized to fulfill your ministries needs, including web hosting, design, licensing, content management, membership registration, email services, and so much more. Our goal is to equip you to fulfill your digital ministry.

Standard Projects Include

  • Installing WordPress content management system
  • Purchasing theme and functional plugin licenses
  • Purchasing and editing high quality stock photos or congregation photos
  • Customizing colors, background and images based on WordPress template
  • Adding up to 15 pages of content and images to the website, 4 blog posts, 4 sermons and 4 calendar events
  • Training for Main Street COC staff / volunteers to update content:
    • Post online sermons / podcasting (including: pdf outlines, audio, and video)
    • Post blog articles
    • Add photo galleries
    • Integrated with Church’s Social Media accounts 
    • Schedule content to post on website
  • Online calendar feature
  • Install latest security features and safeguards
  • Configure your own email at your own domain name
  • Domain registration or transfer

Maintenance & Technical Support

  • Daily backups, regular security updates, upgrades to WordPress/plugins, malware scanning and web application firewall protection
  • Renewal of licenses for gravity forms, theme updates and security firewalls
  • Uptime monitoring and fast response to unresponsive alerts
  • Renew yearly licenses for the theme and plugins for continued professional support
  • Assistance with technical issues, restore broken, lost website resources
  • Maintain yearly registration for your domain name
  • Available for general questions when you hit a roadblock
  • Plenty of storage and Content Delivery Network to ensure speed and availability. 
  • Know and trust who operates the site and support improving digital experiences and reach for Lord’s Kingdom


    Additional Options

    Member Registration System

    • Create member self registration
    • Members can reset passwords themselves
    • Members will only access after approval from the administrator
    • Secured content will only be accessible to members
    • SSL installed to protect privacy of personal contact information


    Email Newsletter / Bulk Sending / Alert System

    • Ability to send and manage your newsletters and mailing list directly from your website management system rather than using another 3rd party service
    • Create one template for newsletter, one template for alerts
    • Setup enhanced content alert features
    • Connect all the technical pieces for sending bulk mail through a special SMTP service provide
    • Provide training and support for the first two mailings.


    Bible Study Builder

    • Ability to create your own online course, lessons and topics to teach others material, quiz their learning and offer certificates of completion
    • Ideal for congregations who want to:
      • Provide learning reinforcement for bible classes
      • Find additional ways to engage the lost in bible studies online
      • Provide customized studies to your congregations particular style
      • Provide studies related to the needs of the community
    • Service fee depends on how much you create and how much we do for you to begin and get started

    Digital Content Manager

    • Schedule, optimize and publish content on website and social media:
    • Miscellaneous edits to content and e-commerce
    • Discussions related to marketing strategy

    Google Ads

    • Set up google ads that are customized for your target audience and design compelling landing pages to create conversion on your website.

    Logo Creation

    • Design a modern new logo for your church, organization, or mission work.


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