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The Great Commission in a Digital World

Today, your first impression is not when they walk through the door, but what a person sees on your website. Our goal is to give churches the opportunity to have a quality digital presence online.

Quality Design

For the best message.

Reliable Service

Help is just a click or call away.


Strong Security

We keep the bad bugs out!

Common Goal

Sharing the Good News of Jesus!


The mission of Ichthus Digital is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in a digital world. We seek to ensure that any lost soul who searches for a topic of eternal importance has the opportunity to hear the truth of the gospel. Our ultimate goal is to work so nearly every congregation, mission effort, and ministry has a strong digital presence to accomplish the Lord’s work. We want to ensure each website owner will be able to focus on content and the message, not routine or emergency maintenance while at the same time supporting a global mission effort.