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Ichthus Digital

The Great Commission in a Digital World

The Mission and Vision

The mission of Ichthus Digital is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in a digital world. We seek to ensure that any lost soul who searches for a topic of eternal importance has the opportunity to hear the truth of the gospel. Our ultimate goal is to work so nearly every congregation, mission effort, and ministry has a strong digital presence to accomplish the Lord’s work. We want to ensure each website owner will be able to focus on content and the message, not routine or emergency maintenance while at the same time supporting a global mission effort.

The Digital Need to Reach Lost Souls in Search

“Into all the world” extends to the thousands of people searching the internet for spiritual topics. The search terms a person types indicates if their heart is seeking. Sadly, many search results are littered with false teaching which can lead a seeking soul away from the truth. Ichthus Digital’s primary focus is to see this major gap in reaching the lost filled by using leading edge digital marketing strategies. These examples are only a few of many potential search themes each month on average:

Search "How to Become a Christian"

Search "Purpose and Meaning of Life"

Search "Life After Death"


clearly present how to obey the gospel


offer some form of the "sinner's prayer"

The Digital Need of Congregations of the Lord’s Church

The digital face of the church requires maintenance. Most congregations rely on volunteers to maintain their digital presence, and it can be difficult to achieve consistency. Ichthus Digital aims to provide the backbone website support for the elder, deacon, member or office staff that is tasked with website upkeep. This allows you to focus on the content and message and not worry about the technical details, while supporting a global mission effort. At the same time, Ichthus Digital will also provide a common framework of solutions that make the addition and maintenance of content more affordable and reliable for all.

The Digital Need of Ministries & Missionaries of the Lord’s Church

We are preaching the greatest news in the world, but many times this message is not found because essential digital marketing practices are not followed. Investing in and keeping up with new digital marketing efforts can be an expensive endeavor. Ichthus Digital will help alleviate this investment gap by providing digital services and consulting to organizations such as Apologetics Press and World Bible School. Merging digital marketing best practices with the content created by talented writers and producers in the church will only increase the overall reach to those who are seeking answers. Ichthus Digital wants to take the great works being done and package them with relevant digital marketing strategies.

Core features with each website

Easy management of all types of pages, blog posts, home page images, event calendars, online forms, e-commerce, Facebook/Twitter posting, sermon management with multiple taxonomies to help keep things organized, photo galleries, domain name registration, interactive walkthroughs and more…

Support the ministry

If you do not need assistance with any of these services, you can still support the ministry of Ichthus Digital. Your support will enable us to carry out the mission and provide services to smaller congregations or ministries for extremely reduce pricing. Please contact me to arrange a presentation with you, your eldership or missions committee.

Pricing for Services & Supporting the Mission

These prices may fall outside of your congregation, ministry or business budget. Please contact me to discuss  your specific needs. The idea is this supports a mission effort not just corporate company profits.

Initial Website Consultation – Free A chance to meet, find out your specific needs, and determine the next steps.

Full Website Redesign – $950 to $2,500+ depending on scope Hit the ground running with a fully managed project to kick start your new website following digital best practices. You will also receive professional help placing initial content and training so the website will stay updated. This would be indicative of a smaller church website or small business website. Larger projects or custom development would be estimated accordingly.

Mission Support & Dedicated Website Maintenance- $125 per month Top notch security, maintenance upgrades, premium storage with Amazon S3, time machine restoration, advice, help with any issues, periodic website review and more. If budget constraints exist, we can work through an agreement to be sensitive to those concerns.

Additional Features – $250 to $500 per feature setup depending on scope Use your website, not a 3rd party to provide secured member areas with registration, electronic newsletters and email alerts and real online member directory (not a PDF) with pictures.

Additional Dedicated Services – $125 – $500+ per month Sermon management, blog post management, search engine optimization, newsletter management, image and content support, guaranteed redesign or refresh every 3 to 5 years, and more…

References & Recent Work

Who’s behind Ichthus Digital?

My name is Tim Yaeger, a member and Children’s Minister at the Riverchase church of Christ in Birmingham, AL. I have 13 years of digital marketing experience working for small and large companies. My goal is to use these talents to further God’s kingdom! Ichthus Digital is also partnering with other members of the church to leverage talent God provides. Christian Web Solutions, Hidden Bridge Media and Driskell Creative are some preliminary partners and more to come. Also any content providers or producers such as Apologetics Press and World Bible School are key because Ichthus Digital aims to support and enhance these types of works, not reinvent the wheel entirely.